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Get Into Golf looks to create a central and understandable entry point for any adult looking to get started. It’s a platform that aims to help connect interested participants with their local golf program, and help bring new participants into our sport and facilities.

To find out more about Get Into Golf please watch the video or view the information provided below.

Get Into Golf is the platform that wants to help connect new golfers with local adult introductory golf programs. We want to help make the entry point super clear and give participants the easiest step into the game through a singular search engine and brand.

Each individual facility may need to deliver in their own unique way, and we strongly encourage this. Facilities can tailor to specific target groups, vary the length of programs, determine the price, and deliver activities that suit the needs of their participants.

Once facilities upload programs to the website, participants will be able to find, register and pay for them all online.

So what are participants looking for in a first experience? Well they have told us they want;

  • A social outlet

  • Time on the golf course

  • Plenty of hitting

  • An environment they feel challenged but comfortable in

There are two ways to get involved;

  1. If you are a current MyGolf centre you can LOGIN to your dashboard and register by clicking on the Get Into Golf tab

  2. If you are new to both you will need to REGISTER as a new centre before having the ability to upload programs and take registrations

If you want to discuss the program before joining, then please reach out to one of our friendly staff. You can find a list of contacts on the contact us page.

Exposure to new customers. Get Into Golf is the beginning of turning participants into golfers. Golfers that will frequently step on to the first tee of our courses, buy a round of drinks for themselves and their friends, and maybe even one day become members of our clubs.

The admin/registration portal. Allows you to upload all your adult & junior programs with easy. It allows customers to find programs through a simple postcode search engine, and then complete registration all in a few clicks. 100% of program payments returned to your club.

Inclusion in paid marketing campaigns. We will advertise your programs regularly through paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Google. These ads will take customers directly to the list of available programs in their geographically area.

Branded collateral. We provide facilities with a library of Get Into Golf branded marketing material for each of the programs target audiences. These assets can be edited to include the centres logo and specific program details.

Increased revenue for clubs, facilities and PGA members. Get Into Golf is completely FREE, it doesn’t charge or retain any portion of the program fee, it all goes back to the facility. Group lessons can be a great way to generate immediate/short-term revenue for both the facility and deliverer, but it’s the potential long-term and sustained revenue we see as the bigger benefit.

Support & Insurance. The Golf Australia team are here to help with setting facilities up and handling all program enquiries. Also enjoy the comfort that registered participants are covered by a GA personal liability insurance policy for personal injury or property damage caused while participating in the program.

Take a look at all the collateral we have for centres to use in the promotion and marketing of their programs. Use as little or as much as you like;

CLICK through to all collateral

Take a look around the Get Into Golf centre booklet, it contains a range of information that will help get you started.

DOWNLOAD Get Into Golf centre booklet

What if I have my own curriculum? Remember the program isn’t about rigid rules and structures. We have a manual full of fantastic ideas but if you have a curriculum that supports the philosophies of Get Into Golf - and it’s tried and tested - then continue to use it.

Are there any fees to be involved? No.

How long should a program run for and how much should I charge? The program is super flexible and the facility can choose to run the program for any length of time and charge any amount they see fit. In our program centre manual we have some recommendations on length and price.

Do I need to provide anything to the participants during the sessions? With a good portion of your participants just starting out, we recommend you have some clubs they can borrow for the lessons. A key element of the program is to make sure that participants get plenty of time to socialise with other participants, so we also recommend you provide the opportunity for them to do this at the end of each lesson.

Do I need to provide anything to the participants after the sessions? The journey of your new participants shouldn’t end after the first Get Into Golf program finishes, this is just the beginning. If they have enjoyed the program experience they will be eager to keep going. We recommend handing out any information about how the participants can continue playing golf at your facility before the program concludes.

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